Saturday, September 22, 2007

Robin of Sherwood -- Robin Hood


Karen said...

This is a really good likeness to Robin of Sherwood (Michael Praed). It was an excellent show and you have a talent to be proud of. =o)

Capcom said...

Thank you so much!!! I loved this show. Looking at my old tapes of it now, it's kind of dated, but it was still a forerunner of the many medieval movies that immediately followed (copied) IMHO. That Robin Hood move that came out right after this series played, was a joke compared to this well-done show.

This drawing was done from a tiny picture in the TV Guide.

Karen said...

I believe Robin of Sherwood has stood the test of time. It's fandom even 25 years on, still finds new members. On acquiring the dvds of the show,I found that it has lost none of it's appeal, for me. It is a period piece, and Clannad's wonderful soundtrack helps to keep it 'timeless'.
I agree that ROS was extremely well done, so much so that, as you say, it has had aspects of it copied since, certainly by way of its introduction of a saracen member of the outlaw band.
I still think your drawing is excellent.
I, too, have been inspired by the show and Michael Praed, to attempt drawing Robin of Loxley, though nowhere near to your standard, and, also, to pen a short ROS related story.
Isn't it amazing how fixation and appreciation of something can fuel the imagination?
Thanks again for sharing your talent.
Kind regards. =0)

Capcom said...

Hi Karen, nice to hear from you again! Thank you for your kind words.

I agree, I go back to watching ROS often, and it's time to get some DVDs of it. I also often listen to the soundtrack, you must get it if you don't have it, it really takes you there. And yes, Saracens have become popular characters lately, haven't they?!

You should post your art work and writing, it would be great to see it! :-)

You are right, when a fixation on something beautiful becomes a passion, your imagination and creativity can really emerge into something interesting.

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen Osment said...

Hi Capcom,
I happened upon your blog again; whilst on a google search for Robin of Sherwood.
Thank you - I have posted some of my own artwork; it is displayed on Facebook, and a couple of short stories too, but not the original piece I was working on when I left my last comment here.
Do you use the social network yourself at all?
I would love to share your artwork with other RoS fans, would you allow that?
Kind regards,